As Steve Angello reaches career heights with Swedish House Mafia and with his own label Size Records, he announces a new project called Size Foundation, his way of giving back to the community. At an interview at Street Parade in Switzerland during the Size Foundation launch, Steve reveals that he was motivated to start his own foundation when he became a dad, saying "I realized that there's a lot of kids out there that don't have the support and the funding to get through life in a nice way, and it's important to me that they're in good hands." The focus of Size Foundation is on bringing people and communities together through education, because "a meal lasts a day, an education lasts a lifetime." Although Steve admits to not fully appreciating and taking advantage of his own educational opportunities when he was younger, he acknowledges that if you can provide schooling, jobs can always be created and communities can become more self-sufficient. When asked what people can do to support the Foundation, he says, "Awareness is the most important", by sharing through word of mouth or social media.

Check out more about Size Foundation and how you can contribute here.

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