The long wait is finally over... Electric Zoo is practically here! In 24 hours you will be getting ready, dressing in your festival/rave wear, and on your way to Randall’s Island. Electric Zoo is a place for dance music lovers from around the world to gather and enjoy the music. But, there are some things you should not be doing when you go to an event like Electric Zoo.
1.) if you see your favorite DJ walking around, like Alesso, don’t go around screaming “Oh my god Alesso, it’s Alesso!!!”. It’s one thing to be a dedicated fan, but you don’t want to deter your favorite DJ from saying hi or even taking a picture with you!
2.) if you attend Ezoo with your boyfriend, make sure you let him know before hand that you're interested in joining Diplo’s twerk wall. You definitely don’t want to surprise him with that last minute!


3.) You may want to dress appropriately, if it’s 100 degrees you may want to leave your fluffy boots at home. Unfortunately, the weather does look like it may rain this weekend, and you don’t want your prized fluffy boots to get muddy and ruined!


4.) Since it will be hot and humid this weekend make sure you drink a lot of water and eat before your body shuts down the fun. If you forget, you will start to feel dizzy and tired and you definitely don’t want to miss your favorite song, or even worse miss your favorite DJ’s set. You don’t want to be that person to pass out or have to be taken to a medical tent. Just take it easy and remember you are there to enjoy the music and have the time of your life with your friends!

Enjoy Electric Zoo and we will see you there!

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