All we really know about you is your stage name - Slow Magic. Where did the inspiration come for the name?

I guess just early on when making the songs. The name kind of came from just the process of making music and spending a lot of time on the music. I’m kind of a perfectionist on every little detail so that’s the slow part of it, then the magic is just the music itself because something magical and unexplainable happens that affects kind of everyone in a major way.

What are some advantages of keeping your identity a secret?

There’s definitely a lot. Getting to separate a few things from I guess things that are public and things I can hide by not having my face up there, which is just nice. The best part is just to have a project where people are kind of forced to focus on the music and the art, which is what I think is most important anyway.

Your music seems to be part of this counter-culture against “EDM”, similar to artists like Porter Robinson & Odesza. Where do you place yourself in the electronic music world?

It’s really hard to say. I feel like there’s a lot of genre-labels and things are changing so fast. Yeah I mean I like a lot of electronic music, but really all types of music. I really couldn’t say exactly what I would call it. I guess I let other people do that. I try not to disagree with what someone interprets it as.

Your new album “How To Run Away" is coming out in a few days, where did you draw inspiration for it?

The whole album I think is about just like the title itself. It’s a little bit autobiographical about my life the past few years of starting this project and getting to travel a lot of different places and play music and meet people. And with that - running away from home to just chase the dream - the good, the heartbreak, and all the things that come along with that.

What’s your favorite place to play?

It’s a hard question… I’ve been to Iceland a couple of times. Just in general it’s such a beautiful and amazing place. I also had two really fun shows there. So if I had to pick just one place, I would have to say Iceland.

After the album release you start a huge US tour. What’s your favorite part of your live show as opposed to just playing the music?

I think it’s different live. I have live drums and there’s a lot of energy - hopefully - involved with everyone. I like to just go out into the crowd instead of distancing myself from them. My favorite part is getting to take what I made in my bedroom and play it in front of people. It’s kind of the scariest and the most fun thing to do. If I was just at home making music and putting it out I wouldn’t be as excited about everything I make.

What’s your biggest struggle as an artist right now?

I think it would be… I guess just the balance of touring a lot and also staying productive and creative at the same time. It’s hard to make new music on the road a lot and keep up with things. It’s really not too bad of a struggle I guess.

Was any of the music off the new album made on the road?

Yeah I think definitely bits and pieces and ideas were recorded on the road then spent time at home kind of figuring it all out and making it nice.

Which artists have you been listening to lately?

I’ve been listening to recently this guy from Japan named Tomgg. He’s really cool, like really “cute” music but also really complex electronic which I really like. Also, I guess I’ve been listening to Drake a lot.

Have you ever produced under a different name?

Yes, But I really can’t say or tell anyone.

One day we’ll find out.


If you could set up the ideal circumstances for someone to first listen to “How To Run Away” what would they be?

I think just the way that everyone is listening to it because no one knows my name or where I’m from or what I look like so I think that’s the best way. Then they’re just presented with the album and the artwork and they can figure out what it is from there.

What’s the most exciting thing about your growing popularity?

I mean it’s just been really fun to try to keep up with. Also to not really keep track of. But it’s really fun to be able to continue to play music and share music with people. The fact that it’s my job is really cool.

How have music-sharing websites changed the project?

It’s really easy and fun to explore people who are making music now and there’s so much stuff happening. I think for my own music it’s helped a lot more people discover it. The internet is a nice place to hang out sometimes. Definitely met a lot of friends that also make music there and ended up touring together and working together. I think it’s really cool

When did you first start making music?

I started playing drums, well trying to play drums when I was like five. Then playing with a casio keyboard, but I know that I made my first electronic album when I was fifteen. And I know it’s somewhere out there I just don’t know if anyone can find it 

Do we want to find it?

Uh yeah! I don’t think it’s that bad actually. I think I’ve made other music in my life that I’m more embarrassed by.

What’s the most surprising thing about your music taste?

I don’t know exactly, maybe someone thinks I just like electronic music but I really like a lot of everything. I guess I grew up listening to like a lot of pop-punk and hardcore music. I don’t really listen to a lot of it now but I find myself being drawn to elements of it whether in my music or in my show or things I like.

Do you ever see yourself going in a heavier direction with your own music?

I don’t know exactly. I mean not as much as like in like a darker way… probably not. Maybe just louder.

Lastly, do you have any surprises for the new tour?

Yeah I do have a few things that are new, some new drums and a different stage setup. Maybe some new music that no one’s ever heard.

Stream “How To Run Away” here, and preorder it here. The album is filled with dreamy, nostalgic sounds, which resonate into a million different stories. It’s the perfect bittersweet symphony to end this beautiful summer. Also, check if Slow Magic is coming to your city soon - definitely a show you don’t want to miss.

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