Los Angeles-based producers NGHTMRE and Slander gave fans their first listen to their collaborative Nuclear Bonds EP with their track, “Warning,” before unveiling the second track from the release, “Power.” These hard-hitting creations are built for the sound systems of the world’s biggest festivals, complete with electro-house/big room builds and pounding drops that are designed to make crowds hype.

Now, they've released the third track from the release, which further suggests that the Nuclear Bonds EP is going to be something truly special. It brings a different sound then the two previous tracks from the EP. Slander and NGHTMRE take the future bass route in this one, with floaty melodies and staggered rhythms that combine with the classic "Good Vibrations" vocal sample. However, the track's closing seconds come with a surprising trap drop that take its listeners for a spin. Needless to say, this one will certainly get the trap arms in full effect. As Slander states on the track's Soundcloud, "#HEAVENTRAP is back."

Like the previous two track on the release, this one is available for free. Download the track on SongChimp. Stay tuned for more information on the official release of the Nuclear Bonds EP and the joint EP’s final track to come soon. Having began their collaborative release in December, fans will be getting their full listens of this much-anticipated release with the final track from the EP soon. Also, watch for 2015 to be major breakthrough years for both NGHTMRE and “heaven trap” innovators Slander.

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