Denver’s Triad Dragons are known to throw insane parties and this weekend's Skylab: Mission Blackout was no exception. It successfully took launch for the 18th year at the Denver Coliseum with headliners Porter Robinson, Zedd, Gareth Emery, Borgore and Downlink.

My blood was pumping with excitement when I arrived at the Denver Coliseum shortly before 7PM. Appropriately enough, the entrance line of about 300 people was coordinated in black clothes and various neon colors. I went into the North entrance, finding myself in a dark, spacious area that was true to the night's theme: planets hung from the from the ceiling, LED light panels glowed, performers moved and danced around the space in astronaut, alien and sci-fi gear... and ecstatic fans created enough energy to power the night.

DJ’s Trajikk and Kevin Alves, JQA, and Ecotek took the main stage, the Skylab Launch Pad, for the first two and half hours to se the tone for the night. Fans started piling in and were already in their full-throttle dance mode by 9PM. Zedd took the main stage soon after, at which point the Launch Pad truly took off. Lasers were shooting every which way, both the floor and stands were jam packed and fans were going absolutely bonkers during his set—everything just felt right.

I eventually worked my way to the Reload Propulsion Lab stage to catch a bit of Borgore’s set, which was even sweatier than the main stage.. Dubstep, trap and some moombahton elements ended up creating a dirty, grimy, and filthy space, in the best way possible. Colorado kids love dubstep and Borgore served it to them on a silver platter. Later on, Gareth Emery took the main stage around 11PM and the tone readjusted to more peaceful levels. Emery's trance sounds set off a spiritual experience for the fans at the Launch Pad stage.

At around 12:30AM I was wandering among the stages until the loud cheers coming from the main stage captured my attention. The time had come and Porter Robinson had finally taken the stage. Everyone was raging their hardest during Robinson’s set. Since he came on after the very tranquil Gareth Emery, his beats were sounded more bumping than usual. I thought the artist schedule arrangement was a little off but when it actually happened it all made sense. Triad Dragons had proven themselves once again and I was completely in awe of their prowess when it came to planning this event.

Overall, Skylab: Mission Blackout was a knockout because of the supreme line up, the intense vibes brought by the fans and the production values (from the decor to the dancers and performers). One thing I do have to admit is that I was incredibly impressed by the smallest stage, the Sub.Mission orbiter, which featured many of Denver’s finest local artists, including Smash Brothers, Max Lord, Intergalactic Fantasy Safari and Coult-45. Denver holds some of the greatest EDM talent, and the Triad Dragons allowed them to share the Coliseum space with some of EDM's top names. It was another memorable Skylab party, to say the least.

Written by: Stacy Morrow

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