Seems that some new Skrillex & What So Not music is on the way. Last night, Emoh Instead of What So Not posted an Instagram pic of himself, fellow What So Not member Flume, and label captain Skrillex in a Boston studio together. While most of What So Not's tour dates include Emoh as the group's sole performer, Flume is active on the production side of the group, leading us to believe that there are some new tracks in progress. Throw some Skrillex in the mix and we undoubtedly have something special on the horizon. After supporting Skrillex on the entirety of his Mothership Tour, this collaboration may have been in the works for some time.

This actually isn't the first time we've seen these 3 come together… far from it, actually. Check out some of their best moments together in the past below. Hopefully this is a partnership that lasts a very long time.


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