Skrillex just might be the busiest guy in all of dance music. When it comes to collaborations, new tracks, touring and running a label, Skrillex is doing it all. Now, fans have gotten a taste of yet another new track coming our way from the OWSLA leader. This time, he's put his personal spin on GTA's "Red Lips."

Previewing the track on his Snapchat, Skrillex reveals that the track has received his unmistakable chaotic touch. Transforming the track from a smooth, trapped-out rhythm into the kind of mind-bending dubstep that has made Skrillex one of, if not the most beloved artist in the electronic music scene. You can get a glimpse of the track in the Snapchat video below. Stay tuned for official release information to come soon.

This is just a small sample of the heap of new music Skrillex has coming our way. His collaboration with "jungle terror" innovator Wiwek, "KILLA," should be arriving sooner than later. At the recent Ultra Music Festival, Jauz treated the crowd to a preview of his forthcoming release alongside Skrillex — a hard-hitting fusion of both producers’ styles that also features the vocals of Fatman Scoop. In late February, Dutch trap trio Yellow Claw also gave their fans a taste of their forthcoming track with with the OWSLA leader while on tour. On top of that, Skrillex will also be working with disco-pioneering legend Giorgio Moroder on composing the score for the TRON video game. On the label side, OWSLA will also be releasing a new album from Kill The Noise.

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