It's very appropriate Skrillex released the music video for the strange 'Doompy Poomp' on Groundhog Day, as it portrays a man who repeatedly relives the same day over and over again (much like Bill Murray's character, Phil from the film Groundhog Day). While attempting to get a loan, the video's protagonist tries his best to alter the outcome, yet fails each time, only to be denied his loan from the bank.

For this video, Skrillex recruited French directors Fleur & Manu, who have become one of the most sought after directors for music videos. The duo are the brains behind music videos like Gesaffelstein's "Hate or Glory" and "Pursuit," as well as M83's "Midnight City." Skrillex talked about his excitement of working with the duo, saying, "Fleur and Manu are some of my favorite directors/artists out there. Period. I have always wanted to work with them." Skrillex also adds that since its a weird track, it is "even more cool to do something with Fleur & Manu."

Their partnering with Skrillex comes as part of VICE's The Creator's Project. Fleur & Manu explained their inspiration behind the music video, stating, “This crazy loop, weirdly evolving made us think of this journey." The resulting video is as weird as its accompanying track. Unlike Phil from Groundhog Day, the video's protagonist is unable to break the bizarre chain of bad days.

In a final statement from Fleur & Manu on "Doompy Poomp," they allude to the changing elements of the never-ending bad day:

"doompy poomp is about a guy who gets in a bank and asks for a loan.

poompy doomp si abuot a guy woh gest ni a kanb and asks fro a loan.

mopody pomo auot si gyu a wwho gests ina nekab dna aksk ofr lano.

mody popomo auotis gyaa wo guest ina kebab nada aakk oofr lasso.

nobody poom audio gyoza woo chest nana kebab dna hacked from sony."

"Doompy Poomp" is featured on Skrillex's LP Recess, which is available on iTunes.