Fresh off their widely talked about performance at Ultra Music Festival, which featured a special guest appearance from Justin Bieber (and his hilarious dance moves), the Jack U superduo of Skrillex and Diplo were featured as the guests of Miami's Power 96 radio show along with Bieber. They let listeners in on how they linked up for what has become one of the most well-known and widely remixed tracks not just from the Jack U album, Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ubut in the electronic music scene as a whole.

They revealed that "Where Are U Now" was not just a Jack U original. In fact, it's a track that Justin Bieber brought to them. Once Diplo spoke with the pop sensation's manager Scooter Braun at a New York Fashion Week party, they sent the track Diplo and Skrillex's way, and they immediately agreed to work on it.

Now with "Where Are U Now" under their belts, the three intend to continue to work together. Skrillex says in the interview that Justin is "most talented musicians and singers around," while Diplo sang Bieber's praise by saying "I don’t think another artist will be as iconic for a long time." Justin Bieber added that Skrillex and Diplo will be working on his next album, stating, "I think me and these guys are going to collaborate on my next record and do something really special.” Clearly, they each greatly respect each other's work, so you can expect the three to collaborate frequently moving forward. Check out the full interview above.