The arctic weather bombarding New York City last Thursday night was no obstacle for fans eager to witness the one and only Sonny Moore, known worldwide as Skrillex, spin a masterful set at Brooklyn’s Output Club. Getting the crowd hyped for the headlining set was Bro Safari, who dropped a bombardment of moombahton and trap music that quickly loosened up the growing crowd. Bro Safari has been gaining notoriety for his epic trap originals and remixes, and collaborating heavily with UFO!.

Taking the stage at 1am, Skrillex began the first hour of his set with a slew of groovy, deep house tunes. The thumping beats blasting from Output’s funktion-one sound system had every body in the room swaying in rhythmic unison. His emphasis on a smooth transitional sound rather than heavy drops has become more prominent in Skrillex's sets lately, and is a sign of his ear for great music rather than simply formulaic sonic destruction.

Moving into the second hour of the set, Skrillex picked up the pace by dropping his recognizable dubstep tracks that have catapulted him from a punker to the face of the American bass movement. From “Roughneck Bass” to “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites,” the room became a pit of banging heads and swaying arms all pulsating to the barrage of contorting bass lines. Thanking every “friend” in the building and giving a special shout out to all the “emo kids,” Sonny Moore began the melodic lyrics to his Grammy award winning “Cinema” remix, which built up into one final bass drop that gave fans one last moment to get lost in the hyper drive bass sounds that define Skrillex. As the night closed down well past 4am, hands were held aloft for the chorus, then legs skewed for the drop.
See you on the dance floor,
Julian Rodriguez and Jesse Wheaton