Simian Mobile Disco tinkers with color contrasting juxtaposed with characters as diverse as the sound itself in their official video for "Seraphim." After watching this video obsessively, getting lost in it and trying to analyze its meaning, I found out something perfectly ironic:

"Since people are asking - It's a series of scenes of people going over their obsessive-compulsive type behaviours... as to how that refers to our music, on our new album we've been inspired by ideas of repeated loops and patterns breaking down and decaying over time. And the process of making electronic music lends itself to obsessive-compulsive tendencies.." - SMDTV

The cadence is compelling, the visuals are entrancing and (if that's not enough for you) there's a handsome shirtless boy at :34, then there's half-naked gal at 2:34. SO, there you have it... "Seraphim" literally has something for everyone.

PS: spared you some time and looked up "Seraphim" in the dictionary (you knew you were going to!): "Fiery ones, in allusion, as is supposed, to their burning love. They are represented as "standing" above the King as he sat upon his throne, ready at once to minister unto him. Their form appears to have been human, with the addition of wings. This word, in the original, is used elsewhere only of the "fiery serpents" sent by God as his instruments to inflict on the people the righteous penalty of sin."

Now go buy it on iTunes!

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