World’s top leading manufacturers of headphones and microphones, Sennheiser has announced they have teamed up with top producer and recording British artist Labrinth to kick off a new project called Masters of Sound.

The new initiative will offer musicians and producers the chance to collaborate with Labrinth. To participate, contestants must submit their own profile photo along with their audio clip (acoustic vocal, rap, beat or fully formed composition). Contestants are encouraged to infuse styles that are fresh and unique, incorporating different kinds of music ranging from Bob Dylan to David Guetta and submit via SoundCloud.

The winner as selected by Sennheiser, Labrinth and the marketing/A&R team at Syco Music will attend a studio session with Labrinth to collaborate on the final track.

One winner will be invited to collaborate with Labrinth at a studio for an eight hour studio session in London with an all-expense-paid trip for a one night stay to develop and record their submitted original piece of music. The winner will also receive one pair of Sennheiser Amperior headphones (worth £250).

Other prizes include seven runners-up to receive Sennhiser HD 25-SP-II headphones and for SoundCloud users, one winner will be selected to receive a SoundCloud Pro Account for one year, and seven runners-up will each receive a SoundCloud Lite Account for one year.

All entries must be turned in by April 8, 2012. Voting begins on April 9-16 and winner(s) are announced on April 23, 2012.

Click here to get started on creating your own unique track for a chance to work with Labrinth or see below: