Savant has just released his newest full-length album Invasion, an eighteen-track release of varying dance music sounds. With each release, Savant shows that he's one of the most unique and talented producers in music. Deadmau5 recently gave him the nod of approval when he tweeted, “Savant is the change EDM needs, if it doesn’t sink itself entirely.”

The album touches every corner of the dance music spectrum, containing trance, dubstep, trap, acid house and everything in between. Most artists put out one album every few years. Savant, on the other hand, has an output rate like no other.

This release comes not even two months after his previous LP Zion, an album that explores Middle Eastern themes, which he achieved by studying Jewish and Arabic music and their structures before crafting the album. The album also serves as a political message, using Arabic instruments, sounds and voices that combine with his hard-hitting brand of electronic music to serve as a musical manifestation of the region’s continued wars — certainly unchartered territory for EDM.

Having been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, his incredible proficiency for music is what has allowed him to pump out so many releases across various genres. He has produced 11 full-length albums (10 of them, themed), and his tracks have landed him at the #1 spot on seven separate Beatport charts: Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Electro-House, Glitch Hop, Drumstep, Indie Dance/Nu Disco and Overall.

You can download the Invasion LP on Bandcamp. Watch for the album's official release on February 9 via Section Z Records.

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