When you Google "Safari Music," you may be led to a page filled with videos of rhinos and lions. Despite how awesome African animals may sound, at Elektro, we're keen on sounds a bit more dance floor friendly. Australian music collective Safari Music has recently signed Dirty Rotten Disco, focusing on rerecording everyone's favorite bangers from the past and bringing them back to the dance floor. On their release Anthems 1 two tracks, "Jack to the Sound" and "Dreams," on a six track EP are remixed a variety of ways all hyping up their banger tracks for the generation of club kids.

The group is relatively new to the online scene with only a handful of tweets, but appears ready to dominate the electronic scene based on their tagline of their website, "if you gonna blame someone, blame us" and exclaiming that they are "ready to party." Everyone's favorite off of "Anthems 1" appears to be "Jack to the Sound" remixed by Mobin Master and Tate Strauss which is nearly 1,000 plays on SoundCloud. The remix incorporates a female disco inspired vocal on top of dance worthy beat. Stay ahead and give a listen to these dirty Aussie approved beats.

Dirty Rotten Disco Official Website

Dirty Rotten Disco Twitter

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