Canadian electronic duo Jokers of the Scene are unlike many of their label mates on A-Trak's Fools Gold, and much of what's being hyped in the dance music scene lately. J0T5 is a constant build-up album, which is very different in comparison to their earlier hard hitting electro tunes. The minimal beats and emphasis on bass and drums that you can get lost in on a long drive or serve as an enticing soundtrack for zoning out.

The EP begins with "Killing Jokes I," the first of two parts bookending the five tracks. The short but sweet track (just over two minutes) is mellow and melodic beginning the somewhat serene and consistent journey. With a hard hitting bass in the beginning, "Black Mountie" track picks up the pace a bit but continues with a more minimal sound that continues for what feels like an almost excessive near seven minutes in length. The tempo picks up in "In Order to Trance," which adopts a more aggressive and upbeat sound.

"Organized Zounds" captures the listener with an eerie sample of a male voice in the beginning of the song, the only vocals on the EP. The track has a dark feeling to it, reminiscent of a Designer Drugs goth twist on electro. A clip from the sample of the word "music" is dropped throughout to create a catchy sense of repetition making it the most memorable on the album. "Killing Jokes II" ties everything together rounding out the overall minimal and mystical nature of the EP, providing EDM fans with an alternative to the ever popular heavy dubstep being released left and right. Jokers of the Scene help to provide electronic music that blends seamlessly to mellow non-party situations.