Electronic and metal music have crossed paths before, whether it be bands like Ministry, Enter Shikari and Korn incorporating different types of EDM styles into their songs, to producers like Zedd, Excision and Skrillex remixing their favorite metal jams. Some metal musicians have even started producing remixes themselves, such as Born Of Osiris guitarist Lee McKinney, who has just dropped his new remix for Reflections “My Cancer” (eOne Music).

McKinney (who goes by the moniker Mechanize) melds the aggressive guitar sounds and vocals of Reflections with the dirty bass and beats of dubstep to form a song that fans of both scenes can get into. Mechanize shows some real producer savvy, as the song never feels cluttered by too many ideas at once, allowing the track to flow organically from the build-ups to the drops.

With the lines between scenes starting to blur together, it makes sense for a metal musician like McKinney to reach out to the EDM world and present his ideas. Hopefully, other producers use these ideas to help the scene progress and influence others.