Swedish DJ duo Rebecca and Fiona are easily one of the most creative pair with their fashion in the dance music industry. With go to outfits like tennis skirts and platform sneakers, they are hard to miss. Their new trendy, hipster looks are one of the most exciting things to see when they perform. I love that their fashion is creative and distinctive. The girls wear whatever they want! That’s what makes them such fashion icons! They are style inspirations for ravers around the world. The girls took a moment to speak with me about their fashion inspirations and favorite pieces. See what they had to say in the interview below.

How would you describe your style?

R & F: Anything goes as long as we can walk in it and don’t have to worry about spilling red wine on it! We'd rather wear colorful outfits that makes us smile than try to look smart in blacks and grays.

Where do you draw your fashion inspiration from?
R & F: Women in rock and pop history. And kids.

Where is your favorite place to shop?

R & F: Vintage stores mostly, the great ones are hidden deep in the forest among the polar bears in the Swedish countryside.

Your favorite item in you closet?

R & F: We can’t seem to get enough tennis skirts!


Your favorite pair of shoes?

R & F: Platform high top sneakers!!

Some favorite designers?

R & F: British duo Meadham Kirschhoff and finish designer Daniel Palillo

How do you pack when your on tour? What are some of your necessities?

R & F: We try to only bring carry on luggage, which is really hard for us but saves time and energy. So then we have to wear our platform shoes while traveling because they are too big to pack. But, we pack some tennis skirts, long sleeve t-shirts and sixties short dresses in there as well

Do you have any fashion idols?

R & F: Parker Posey's character Mary in the movie "Party Girl".

Is the fashion world something you considered in the past or would like to get into in the future?

R & F: We could never give up food and they all seem to starve! Joking. But, we are trying to get into designing some nice merchandise for our fans.


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