Jurre and Tim make up the Dutch dynamic duo Firebeatz. With hit songs like “Dear New York,” “Here We F*cking Go,” and remixes like “Good Time,” these two are on their way to taking over the dance music world. Meeting each other through a college assignment, they have been focused on producing music ever since. Their success has grown so much since then; producing amazing tracks that you are guaranteed to hear being played by DJs all over the world. Every song Firebeatz creates turns into gold! There is no question Firebeatz has big things coming in their future.

What made you interested in becoming a DJ? Who inspired you?

Jurre: That's different for both of us, for Jurre it started when I heard some dance records during a high school party. I heard the dj playing music that I didn't know, so i started searching for dance music from that moment on ;-)

Tim: Me and my friends started to listen to drum n bass when I was young. We went to see the dj's play and I thought "I want to do that too!" I got myself some old turntables and started djing. From then on it was in and out of the record stores and parties.

How did you guys meet?

We met each other at The School of Arts for Music Production. There was an assignment to work together and that’s where it all started. We made a track together and it worked really well. It got played by DJ’s and then got released, we were like "Well we should do something with this," and that’s where Firebeatz started.

Do either of you have a musical background?

Jurre: I started playing the drums when i was 4 years old, my parents are both professional musicians, so I grew up in a musical environment.

Tim: Two of my best friends were drummers, so I jammed out a lot with them on the drums when I was younger. Next to

Where did you come up with the name “Firebeatz?"

Jurre: Well it’s a Dutch expression, with the basis that our music should be fast. We put a Z on the end of it for awesomeness.

When did you decide you wanted to become DJs a as full time career?

Tim: This process went really natural for us, we were still finishing our college degree but at the same time we were making big progress with our career. When we finished college we were already playing all around the globe, and so the choice to make a career out of our hobby wasn't really a choice.


What was it like to play in Ibiza this past summer?

Very cool, The island just breathes music. It was unbelievable to play at Pacha, the energy in that place has something magic. It felt really good to dj in such a legendary place with so much party people being there! Probably one of the best summer gigs we did in 2013.

What things can you not live without while on the road?

Laptop, telephone, earplugs – need them, or else we can’t play. Contact lenses. Clean underwear. Occasionally a PS3 for some gaming.

Who are some of your favorite producers?

Knife Party, Prodigy, Basement Jaxx, J Dilla, Dj Premier and Chocolate Puma.

What are some of your goals for 2014?

Having fun and make great music! And of course playing all the major festivals and clubs. Next to that we have a lot of cool collaborations lined up which we want to release in 2014.

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