Vocal mixes can be a fickle thing. Sometimes a vocalist fits in with a track's instrumental just right, and a new hit is born. Example: Oliver Heldens' "Gecko," which received the alternate title (Overdrive) following English vocalist Becky Hill's addition to the track, marked one of 2014's biggest tracks.

Other times, a vocal feature can ruin a track. Simply put, some tracks should just be left alone. Rae Sremmurd's vocal mix of Dillon Francis and DJ Snake's hit collaboration "Get Low," sadly falls into that category. Today, Dillon Francis uploaded the vocal mix featuring the popular hip-hop duo on his YouTube page, revealing the lackluster new version of the track.

"Get Low," which is featured on the soundtrack for Fast & Furious 7, as well as a new Taco Bell commercial (something Dillon has expressed his pleasure with), has remained an anthem of the EDM scene since the track first emerged early in 2014. The track is still one that fans go wild to at the live performances of Dillon Francis and DJ Snake. Having fans get down to the floor before jumping back up at the track's trapped out drop has become a tradition of their live shows, and one that their attendees certainly seem to enjoy. Essentially, the track was perfect the way that it was.

However, the track now has what feels like a forced vocal addition by Rae Sremmurd. Whether or not this was a label or management-influenced move is unknown. Regardless, the screeching and shouting of Rae Sremmurd just doesn't fit in the organic way they may have hoped. Let it be a lesson learned to producers looking to apply a vocalist to their track. Check out the vocal mix above.

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