Emerging from relative obscurity in early 2007, in just a few short years Tritonal has become one of the most recognizable names on the modern trance and progressive world stage. Both exceptional talents in their own right, Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed formed a prolific music production partnership from opposite ends of the United States which exceeded all expectations and proved to be a creative match made in heaven. Here's what happens when they sit down for Quickie with Elektrodaily.com...

First DJ you ever saw live?

Chad - DJ Dan
Dave - The Thrillseekers

Most embarrassing performance moment?

Chad - Hitting eject right when the build was about to impact at a sold out night!
Dave - At a show when our sound cut out for nearly 20 minutes - we had no music playing! Yikes!

Favorite candy / snack?

Chad - Cookies ‘n Cream milk shakes
Dave - Popcorn

What do you drive?

Chad - Acura TL
Dave - Audi A4 Turbo

Kind of watch do you wear?

Chad - Diesel
Dave - Armani Exchange

Favorite Sneakers?

Chad - Diesel high tops
Dave - Diesel or Puma

If you had one night left to live, how would you spend it?

Dave - Hopefully not in a hospital! I would definitely spend it with those close to me, friends and family.
Chad - With my wife and parents, loving on them and thanking them for everything. They are my

What song do you sing in the shower?

Dave - "Brainbug" by Ferry Corsten
Chad - “Waterfall” by Coldplay

Celeb crush?

Dave - Scarlett Johansson
Chad - None!

Movie that makes you cry?

Dave - The Green Mile got me pretty good.
Chad- The Notebook

Favorite cartoon or video game character?

Dave - Favorite cartoon... Family Guy. Favorite video game character is Gordon Freeman from Half Life; he's a badass.
Chad - Zelda

Can't leave home without?

Dave - My iPod. I need music.
Chad - My iPad

What DJ do you want to:

Chad - Gareth Emery
Dave - John ‘00’ Fleming

Party With?
Chad - Ben Gold
Dave - W&W

DJ alongside live?
Chad - Kyau & Albert
Dave - Ferry Corsten

Check out more from Tritonal on their website.

Brand new track titled "Everafter" featuring Cristina Soto out May 21st on Beatport. Listen below:

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