It seems there's just no rest for The Chainsmokers, as they continue they're nonstop touring, as well as their constant release of hit track after hit track. Now, they have released yet another banger, and one that seems to be inspired by the many girls who flock to their shows. "#Selfie (LIV at Midnight)," is a track to celebrate their upcoming show at Miami's famous club, LIV, this weekend, as well as to honor the beautiful women who will be in attendance, who will undoubtedly be snapping selfies with their friends. This track sees the duo going Melbourne Bounce, a first for The Chainsmokers. The infectious beat of "#Selfie" is one that is sure to get the crowd going wherever this track is dropped. So pucker up that duck face and throw your up your peace sign, and check out the track (and some of The Chainsmokers' favorite #Selfies) below!

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