Written by The Worst Guy

The Bristol UK-based duo known as KOAN SOUND touched down on Canadian soil for the first time this weekt at The Wrongbar in Toronto, alongside Smash Gordon, a third of the Baltimore Dubstep trio known as Subhuman. Considering the reputation the weekly Bassmentality parties have garnered on the backs of residents Zeds Dead, The Killabits and countless other Dubstep A-listers that pass through on a regular basis, it doesn't really shock me anymore when I'm greeted by a packed house each time I arrive.

That said, I was shocked by the crowd's density and overall energy was the highest for Smash's set over Koan's. Granted, Smash did play the midnight slot so most people were quite gassed by the time the UK youngsters started at around 1:15am. The good that came from the late start was the condensed crowd who did stay were almost purely Koan Sound fanatics. They happily dug deep into their energy reserves to make sure the boys had a reason to return again someday.

Their set itself was battered in all the powerhouse tracks that comprise their two major EPs (Funk Blaster & Max Out) with the highlight being "Meanwhile, In the Future," which was their explosive opener.

Photographs by Danial Orchard

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