For it's second edition of Woogie Weekend, the Do Lab is packing in over 44 hours of music throughout three days, with each day’s lineup carefully curated and then followed up by after hours areas curated by some of the best crews in Southern California, Plus the festival will have yoga classes and water games throughout the day.

For 2016, Woogie Weekend is bringing fans its most international lineup yet, showcasing some of the most influential legends in house and techno music from all corners of the globe. Check out the day-by-day lineup below:


Further, if two stages and near non-stop music from all over the world wasn’t enough to satiate your sonic cravings, the afterhours lineup this year at Woogie Weekend most assuredly will be. The Do Lab have brought in five crews to run the nightlife with some of the most phenomenal house and techno in tow, so strap on your dancing shoes and prepare to groove to the tasty sounds offered by the good folks from Subtract, Deep, Favela Bar, Respect and Killahurtz. With a number of Los Angeles mainstays and a few far out favorites you’ll find several chances to cut a rug under the stars. To learn more about all the talent they’re bringing to the Woogie Weekend table just take a look at the afterhours lineup below and prepare to feast your ears on the sounds of the future.

Even with the killer line-up slated for the weekend, we know that sometimes it’s not in the cards to take off 3+ days from real life; so Woogie Weekend is offering fans the chance to attend the festival on a Sat & Sun or Sunday only ticket.

Woogie Weekend 2 & 1 Day Pass FAQ

Why can’t I purchase a Saturday only pass?

The nature of Woogie Weekend doesn’t allow for Saturday only tickets because there is no separation between the campgrounds and main festival area. Unlike major festivals who provide several security check points to enter the festival (think Coachella, EDC, etc.), Woogie Weekend is an open format festival where there is no checkpoint to enter the festival from your respective campground (trust us, it’s better this way). Once you’re in, you’re in – so we advise you get the full weekend or 2-day pass if you wanna Woogie!

When can I arrive if I purchase a 2 Day Pass?

One Saturday when gates open at 10am

When can I arrive if I purchase a 1 Day Pass?

One Sunday when gates open at 10am

Can I camp if I’m arriving on Sunday?

No, Sunday only passholders may not set up camp on Sunday.


Tickets can be purchased here. We look forward to seeing you all in two weeks!

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