Native Instruments are known for some of the world's most iconic instruments for musician's usage, creating affordably priced and incredibly designed music production gear, and are generally regarded as makers of high quality music production products.

At this year's Winter Music Conference, Native Instruments made yet another splash in the music industry. Their "Stems" project is not only a standalone application (The Stem Creator Tool) but a whole new revenue stream for producers and labels. Once the Stems website launches in June 2015, records will be released as total works of art and the individual components.

Any producer that's ever remixed a record knows that many times they're given all the elements of the original track (the synths, vocals, bass, drums etc). However, accessing a particular song's stems is a rare occurrence that usually leads to VIPs and characteristic mash ups — something Native Instruments and music lovers both enjoy. With this open format, song stems (the individual components) will be freely distributed in mp4 format, and will be promptly integrated with Native Instrument's TRAKTOR software.

Here's what 5-time DMC World Champion and Slow Roast Records Co-Founder DJ Craze had to say: “The Stems format is very exciting to me because I come from the generation where records have 1/Instrumental/Acapella and Dubapellas, so now I'll be able to get way more creative with my sets and have fun combining elements from tunes I like.”

Check out how 'Stems' works in the video above from DJ Tech Tools.