When it comes to drug education in the EDM scene, Emanuel Sferios is the end-all, be-all in the field. Having founded DanceSafe, a “peer-based, harm reduction organization promoting health and safety within the electronic music community,” he pioneered MDMA (and other illegal substances) harm reduction services in the United States. Looking to educate an even broader audience on the effects and dangers of the popular party drug, he has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund his full-length documentary film MDMA The Movie.

According to the film’s synopsis: “MDMA The Movie will explore the history and cultural impact of this unique drug, highlighting its medical role in the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and documenting harm reduction efforts around the world as a practical alternative to three decades of failed prohibition.”

As of this writing, there are 23 days left for the project to reach it’s goal of $100,000 (it is currently at less than $20,000), and there are many different perks for the amount you pledge, from a $5 “high five,” where you get added to their email list, all the way to $7,500, which gets the film to premiere in your town. Any and all donations will allow the team behind the movie to “travel to Europe for essential film shoots in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Ibiza and elsewhere. We will also be able to flesh out the stories of the veterans we have already filmed, and interview more parents and MDMA users, as well as experts in various fields related to drugs and drug policy.”

You can learn more about the project, as well as watch videos from the movie, at the film's Indiegogo page.