Not ready for the cool winds of fall coming your way? Wish the warm rays of summer’s past and vibing pool parties were still up and running? Aeroplane’s remix of “Wine Glass Woman” by Mayer Hawthorne might not be able to change the weather, but it sure as hell feels like it could. You can perfectly picture yourself sipping on some wine while poolside at the grooviest summer pool party imaginable as the Belgium-born producer’s rework sleekly drips from the speakers. Available now on iTunes, Aeroplane’s killer remix comes free when you download it via Mayer Hawthorne’s video game app, “Where Does This DJ Go?” Always one of the our favorite remixers in the game, Aeroplane’s latest remix proves that history books will surely include the producer’s name in bold and funky letters. Check out the disco-heavy “Wine Glass Woman” rework yourself after the jump!

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