Fatboy Slim's "Praise You" has been tearing up dance floors since 1999. While it remains a classic in the dance music world, Matt Nash and Dave Silcox, as well as Julian Jordan are paying homage to Norman Cook and his track that is relevant even to this day. Matt Nash and Dave Silcox collaborated on their reworking to bring big room sound to "Praise You", with its epic, melodic build and stadium-moving house drop, that strips the song of its happy, upbeat feel, and replaces it with the elements high-energy house music is made of. Julian Jordan takes liberties with the Matt Nash & Dave Silcox remix by adding electro-house stylings with his electronic breakdowns that allows for a seamless entry of Fatboy Slim's classic to the biggest festivals the EDM world has to offer. These remixes show respect for a production that continues to be loved by dance music fans all over, and now may be gracing the sound systems of the world's biggest EDM events once again, thanks to these fantastic remixes.

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