I’ve never considered using the phrase “so hype” to describe anything until I heard the Major Lazer Workout Mix: Potato Mix Series Episode 5. Because that’s exactly what the techno/hip-hop/Caribbean reggae mix, in its startling combination of futuristic synths and whomping bass, makes me feel: so, so hype. Walshy Fire takes on the 45-minute eclectic explosion of remixes, featuring artists from Bauuer to Diplo and PSY to M83, all to a groovy animated video of a bored-looking model rocking oversized shades. Everything about this production is weird in all the right ways. If you’ve recently been too lazy to hit the gym, do yourself a favor and play this rhythmically stunning mix---it will make you want to go run a 5k. If nothing else, Hulk Hogan’s meathead introduction to the mix is worth checking out for a good laugh.

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