In its 6th week since the grand renovation, Marquee New York continued its weekly underground night with Lee Burridge last Friday. The beautiful venue was packed to the brim with gorgeous regulars and extravagant VIPs, many without any expectations for the truly exciting night ahead.

The lines outside Marquee were unusually crowded when I arrived fashionably late Friday night. The courteous staff is always quick to help and accommodate, but the sheer number of people attempting to enter was simply overwhelming. But as always, the hospitality of Marquee came through and before we knew it, we were in.

Before jumping on social media, I did my usual walk through of the club and scanned the public. Many were decked out in neon colors, which stood out to me from my previous nights at Marquee, however, then it hit me; another major dance music event, at Madison Square Garden, had just ended a few blocks away and by proximity, this was the logical after party. It was fantastic to see people discover Lee’s music and really get excited about it. After all, that’s what an underground night should be all about, right? It wasn’t long before he had me dancing myself.

Dancers dressed as unicorns, flashing lights, and the steady beat of techno blasting through the Funktion One speakers made this night unforgettable. Even Lee himself agreed, “Super excellent night in New York. Thanks to everyone who made the Marquee experience so much fun. Great sound system and unicorns galore. Yes,unicorns.. maybe someone spiked my drink. Or did I imagine them?”

See the full album HERE.

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