Norwegian producer Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll, better known as Kygo, has single handedly brought "tropical house," a sub-genre of the percolating deep house sensation, from palm-tree laden beach clubs to the main stage. Ultra Music Festival 2015 will see Kygo performing his music "as it was meant to be enjoyed." This mysterious allegation has tilted some heads and raised a few eyebrows. However, all qualms were settled when Kygo sat behind a grand piano, live on Norway's premiere talk show, Skavlan, and began playing the melody to his debut single "Firestone." Accompanied by a mallet-playing snare drum percussionist/sample sequencer Simon Santunione and Conrad on vocals, we finally heard the sound of "Kygo Live." Instead of a 113 BPM four-on-the-floor beat appears in the original mix, Simon Santunione plays a marching snare rhythm to propel the instrumental break into the second verse.

Now a video of the performance has surfaced for American audiences to become accustomed to the concert that Kygo will put on at EDM's Mecca, Ultra. Leaving behind the steel-drum referencing percussive synths that've come to exemplify tropical house, the live show is sure to bring his brand of downtempo music to an untapped demographic. The official music video for Kygo's live performance of "Firestone" is set in Stockholm's Atlantis Studios. Thanks to Janne Hansson's delicate engineering, we can hear the nuances of the intimate performance that might've eluded audiences when the novel performance debuted on live television.

Catch your own live experience of Kygo as he makes his way throughout the festival circuit, playing Coachella, Firefly and CounterPoint music festivals.

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