Jordy Dazz has taken the dance scene by storm with tracks like "Battle" alongside Bassjackers, or his own originals including “Omg” and “Fuego." Now his latest track “Vortex” with Jimi Frew is his next chart topper. Without ever meeting each other in person Jordy and Jimi created a smashing progressive track that has been played by likes of Showtek and Hardwell. Check out the interview with Jordy below and be sure to check out “Vortex” on Beatport now!

Your latest track “Vortex” with Jimi Frew was just released. The process of the creating “Vortex” with Jimi was very unconditional. Tell us about that.

Well, I "met" Frew online. I searched him after hearing one of his tunes in a Tommy Trash Podcast, which blew my mind. We ended up collaborating on this track, but we never were physically in the studio together. Every part of the collab was done online, which I never did before. The full story behind us meeting each-other has been documented and is online right now.

What was it like when you and Jimi finally met in person?

Very strange! He picked me up from the airport, which we filmed. We knew it was going to be weird meeting each other in real life, so we wanted to shoot that footage for the video. I've stayed at his place for a couple of days, which was really laidback and easy-going. It seems like I've known the guy for years already. Musically we have so much in common, but personally as well. It’s just great that we’ve become such great friends.

You have gotten so much attention and support from other producers like Hardwell, Tiesto and many others, what is it like to have world famous producers play your tracks and also play alongside of them?

It’s always great to see so many artists supporting my music, and receiving positive feedback from the fans. I always spend a lot of time on a production since I want every little details to be perfect, and it’s great when people notice.

It’s also nerve-racking when you’re track is going out to everyone, since it always is a personal view on music. You never know if people may like it or not, but I always make sure I did everything I could to make it as perfect as can be for me.

What is your summer plans? Any new music we should be looking out for?

I'm very busy touring in Europe in the summer, and I will go back to Asia and the United States later this year. I'm currently in between moving houses as well, so there's not a lot of time to do fulltime studio. However, there are already a few tracks on the shelve which will be released soon.

The first one coming up is another collaboration between me and Polish guy Fafaq called “Jumbo”. It’s featured exclusively on Hardwell’s new Revealed compilation album which is out now, and will have a full release on Revealed Recordings later this summer. Besides that I’m working on a lot of new music; solo-releases and collabs. I’m already testing out some of them in my sets, and fine-tuning them as we speak.

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