If you don’t know who Jessie Andrews is yet, let us get you acquainted. The sexy Miami-born 22-year-old is a model and jewelry designer, adult actress, producer and DJ. She won several awards in 2012 for her role in “Portrait of a Call Girl,” and released her first EP, In Motion in 2014. Andrews is currently on the rise in the EDM world, having mixed several popular tracks, including "Latch" by Disclosure, and even starred in Borgore’s "Flex" and "Decisions" music videos back in 2012. At such a ripe age Jessie Andrews has definitely made a name for herself throughout the entertainment industry.

With her 2015 Usually Deep EP release, Andrews shows a speculative culture that she has what it takes to produce tracks worthy of Las Vegas clubs and major music festivals alike. On the three-track EP, listeners are provided with a deep and tech house sound worthy of fans ‘mobbing deep.’ Fortunately, the talented starlet takes on the big stage when she makes a return to Miami for her Ultra Music Festival debut on the Ultra Worldwide Stage on Sunday, March 29.

The first track on the EP, "Mars," is the perfect mixture of heavy bass and a Green Velvet-worthy storyline. You are immediately transcended into a starry world, where people bob their heads to techno in outer space. When the following track "Healer" begins, the vocals become familiar and the lyrics “I’m a freak. I get high. I’m a healer,” instantly become second nature. The pace of the EP's closing track, "Get It," quickens only to leave you wanting so much more at her last beat.

With her current status in the industry, there is no doubt Andrews is headed for a worthwhile career in EDM. Soon she will be positioned for festivals all around the nation and world, conquering music through one deep bassline at a time. Purchase the release on iTunes via Zivs Recordings.

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