If you’re a fan of the Jack U x Justin Bieber collaboration that recently brought you “Where Are Ü Now,” you’ll be thrilled to hear the latest remix by way of New York’s own, Infuze. The Brooklyn-based beat aficionado is known for his unique style he proudly calls, Future Rave... and future it most certainly is. As one that consistently shows his trend setting skills, Infuze sets the bar high for future musicians. Continuing to deliver irresistible tracks means the hype is never too far from this champion producer, so it comes to no surprise that this already anthem remix is turning heads and pleasing ears. Infuze takes the original to a new energy level, providing powerful bass lines and brassy synths to fuel this melodic cadence. As I’ve come to find out, if there’s a remix with the moniker ‘Infuze’ behind it, it’s a sure-fire download. Check out Infuze's "Re-Flex" of "Where Are Ü Now" above, and watch for more to come from him soon.

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