Within the EDM community, we proudly wave the flags for peace, love, unity and respect alongside every beat. As a family connected by the powerful bond of music, our genre is uniquely bonded through our globally welcoming arms. From the raging subwoofers in Ibiza to the Macbook speakers in our mom's basement, dance music everywhere generates the same exhilarating feeling of freedom.

In the current day, it has become increasingly difficult to get this message from our community out in to the world. Society's goggles have been clouded through the filth of media speculation, magnified scandals, and a misinterpretation of our true intentions. However, with the emergence of Electric Family, that image is about to change. Electric Family's mission is everything that its name suggests: to create a nurturing family for all of us who are a part of this music culture. Electric Family created their main product with this idea in mind, a bracelet. A simple yet powerful symbol, the Electric Family bracelet represents the connection between all of us that doesn't have to end when the fairgrounds empty out. The most valiant aspect of this company is it's charitable collaboration with Feeding America. A portion of all proceeds from its products, which includes the bracelets and other apparel, goes directly to the hunger solution. Since the company's recent launch, the Electric Family has grown quickly to include the likes of Porter Robinson, Nervo, A-Trak, and many more.

A very special edition bracelet is also offered for presale now, made by our ever favorite, Adventure Club. The proceeds from this bracelet will be donated to the "Fuck Cancer Charity," an especially relevant charity due to the recent news concerning the diagnosis of Paul Baumer(Bingo Players) with cancer. We send our deepest love out to Paul and hope that you will too through this bracelet.

Ravers, PLUR warriors, music-lovers, whatever you identify with, we encourage you to check out this amazing company and become a part of the ever-growing Electric Family.

"If there's one thing Electric Family is passionate about, it's people. Really, the core of this company is to - in big or small ways - improve the lives of others. By teaming up with "Feeding America" we’ve vowed to contribute a portion of all sales towards families and individuals who can't afford to put food on the table and need our help. As a small company, working to make a big impact we only really know a few things for sure. 1. We can’t do this overnight and 2. We definitely can’t do this alone. By joining together as a family to help others, we know we can make a difference and hopefully inspire other people to do the same. And that's really what we're all about."

Check out who's already on board with Electric Family below!

Written by: Anne Chang