"Gravity" from Inpetto marks the latest release on Fedde Le Grand & Funkerman's Flamingo Records. Sean Declase's topline addresses the melancholic truth that the life won't always give you glassy waves with clean barrels. While cheerfulness is in and we're supposed to always be happy (or at least appear that way on social media), it's always nice to find a work of art that makes us feel less alone in our struggles.

Regardless of the tune's lyrical content, the verse and build are a phenomenal work of R&B influenced progressive house. The ad libs, drum break and arpeggio flutters add exhilarating forward momentum and leaves listeners waiting for a climactic drop. Had Inpetto given "Gravity" a drop similar to their Doorn release "Girls & Boys" (which is the track they're best known for; staying true to their roots) this track would've been a certified hit.

Unfortunately Dirk and Marco really dropped the ball when it came to the drop (no pun intended) and delivered what seems like a jump onto the overflowing future house bandwagon. The song just has too much energy for such a lifeless drop. That being said, this track has been supported by Future House's leader Oliver Heldens, so it may very well become a staple of the genre. Personally, I'm looking forward to the remixes. The track is out now via Flamingo Records, grab it on Beatport.

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