Infected Mushroom has released a new teaser for their live show, featuring fantasy land/ orbiting spacial dream lights. The stage production is an incredible 3 dimensional landscape, designed by Heather Shaw of Vita Motus Design Studio. Two textured spheres made up of several smaller components create the central focal point, and Shaw has built a set that pushes the boundaries of 3D digital media mapping. Vello Virkhaus of V Squared Labs has taken up the challenge of creating and mapping the media content onto the set, which will bring Infected Mushroom's visual journey to life.

Tripped out trance tunes of Infected Mushroom coupled with lazer beams of light and structural mysteries... does it get much better? Infected's new tour is going to raise the bar for live EDM acts around the globe.

Check out this teaser and tell me you don't want to see it live...

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