Everything is bigger in Texas. Same rule applied this past weekend when Identity Festival came to the south west and took over Dallas and Houston.

Friday in the Dallas heat, fans came in droves to catch some of the newer artists on the tour. Kerli joined the iHome main stage list bringing her A-class vocals to the mix of EDM stars. Adrian Lux also joined the crew, with massive big-room hits like "Teenage Crime" getting the crowd moving early in both cities.

In Dallas, fans moved back and forth between stages cooling off in the various vendor tents along the way. The Rockstar Festival stage was taken over by Stephan Jacobs and Audrey Napoleon early on bringing some heavy beats. As the afternoon grew longer, fans at the iHome stage were listened to the Eye and afterwards, Showtek was putting on their usual show, hyping the crowd for what was to be a memorable next-set. The fans were then introduced to festival new-comer and bootleg legend Hardwell. Just off some massive releases this summer, Hardwell brought the crowd to a frenzy.

Back on the Rockstar Stage, Identity resident Le Castle Vania drew a massive crowd dancing along tracks off his new album. Following LCV, English dubstep legend Doctor P took to the decks spinning some heavy beats.

Over on the iHome stage, Porter Robinson took to the decks to a crowd in an uproar over his unique and heavy style. Feeding off the Dallas energy, Porter did not disappoint, giving a perfect transition into the electro stylings of Wolfgang Gartner. On the other side of the venue, Nero took to the booth, offering an electric DJ set with everything from hip-hop to dustup. The crowd went absolutely crazy as favorites such as "Promises" and Nero's seminal remix of "Feel So Close" came through. While the bass was booming, the iHome stage was alive with the melodic intricacies of yet another fantastic Eric Prydz set.

The Dallas crowd was not disappointed leaving the venue, and the ID Fest crew packed up and prepared for the next day in Houston.

The following day in Houston, concert-goers braved the humidity and again packed the iHome and Rockstar stages to see their favorite EDM acts. Early in the afternoon, Kerli, Adrian Lux, The Eye, Stephan Jacobs and Audrey Napoleon took to the decks amping the crowd up for the intense day of music ahead.

As the sun started to hang lower in the sky and the heat dissipated a bit, the iHome stage packed out in preparation for Arty, progressive house genius. Simultaneously, Le Castle Vania brought the noise over on the Rockstar stage. As Doctor P took over to bring his bass-y dubstep to the festival stage, Revealed Records superpower, Hardwell, took to the iHome stage. Both crowds were alive with the music as the sun started to set.

Porter Robinson was next, electrifying the crowd with his intense production and track selection. Showtek to the Rockstar stage soon after Porter got underway, bringing the crowd to the ground, and then back up into the air (literally jumping with excitement over the hardstyle set). This was the perfect opening for Nero's final set on the Identity Festival tour.

Following Porter Robinson, Wolfgang Gartner took to the decks delivering another exciting set, making way for Eric Prydz. Again, Prydz excited the crowd with an original set full of classic Pryda production as well as new tracks off his recent album release. Fans were overwhelmed with excitement and nobody wanted to leave. Regardless, an overall sense of joy was experienced upon leaving the venue and Identity Fest packed up. Next stop: Cali!

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