The newly formed Partyfine's head honcho, Yuksek, has hand picked a number of buzz worthy acts that include The Magician, Oh Land, JD Samson, and Juveniles to fill out his label roster.The electronic and indie nu-disco focus of the unequivocally french label stems directly from Yuksek's many years at the forefront of the respective genres. As a purveyor of this sound, and promoter of its visibility world wide, Yuksek has established himself in the ideal position to bring the often unsung genre to the forefront. Taking a moment away from his busy schedule as touring artist and label head, Yuksek discussed his objective with Partyfine, and how he will come to be known as France's figure head of the indie dance movement.

Inspiration behind creating label?

Y: Being free to release the music I like, working with new artists, creating collaborations between them and having fun! I produced a lot of people before creating the label and I really love it, sharing experiences and learning from other artists too.

Inspiration behind musical direction (nu disco/funk roots)?

Y: Everything I like, electro, indie, disco, house, pop, funky beats... Any sensitive music, music with heart.

Idea behind having signature on everything?
(producers/mixes everything)

Y: The idea is to have a Partyfine "sound", a signature out of the genre. That's what I really love on James Murphy's work at the beginning of DFA, the releases were sometimes wide in style sometimes, but you were able to recognize a DFA record in 20 secs. I don't wanna just release random records.

How do other artists react to this much control?

Y: It's just an option, if the tracks are perfect and we both like it I don't need to work on it. Sometimes I only take care of the vocals mix, cause it can be difficult sometimes to work on vocals, there's a few rules to follow, and I think you never learn better than doing it together with someone who knows.

"scandalously French" is there something in the water? signature French vibes/spirit

Y: I don't know... France always had a huge amount of talent in any kind of Music, but Uk and US too... I'm not stuck into any french sound. The label has nothing specially french I think, I can sign people from anywhere in the world and I'm not especially trying to be in a french sound tradition. I enjoy indie and house from the UK, American disco… Lots of good bands in Australia too.

The reaction to rather immediate success of debut EP and follow ups?

Y: It´s very good, we caught a lot of attention from DJs, blogs and radio and the people seem to like it too, which I am really happy with. We had a lot of artists approach about doing remixes or releases, I appreciate that and I think it's a good sign of the label's life!

Where do you want to take Partyfine platform?

Y: No huge plan, releasing good music, pushing new artists, doing label nights... And I would like Partyfine to be a sharing place, in the studio, with musical artists, with graphic and video designers too. We are working on a web interface at the moment, I really want it to be a sort of resource platform, where you can find infos, sound... And not only what we produce.

Yukek's Partyfine Top 10:
Yuksek - Last of our kinds - Michael Garcon remix

Villa - Exotic to Hell

Peter & the Magician - on my Brain

Black Yaya - Paint a smile on me - Breakbot remix

Yuksek - Truth

Crayon - give you up

Peter & The Magician - Peter Pan

Villa - if I - the shoes remix

Black Yaya - Glad tidings

Crayon - give you up - Darius remix


Checkout Partyfine's newest release, an EP from Villa.

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