Gemini, a producer from London, is part of the young guard in electronic music, releasing his first album (Blue) while still at university in Feb 2011. Since then, he has gone on to co-found Inspected Records (Zed’s Dead and KOAN Sounds) and has become known for his heavy bass and dubstep sounds. Last week, Gemini release the Mercury EP (Nov 19 on Beatport, Dec 2 on iTunes), which departs from the music fans of Gemini have come to expect, showcasing the versatility of Gemini as a producer, singer, and songwriter.

The five track EP features “Freedom” and previously premiered “3D Romeo” in addition to three new productions. The album starts off with “Freedom” which has been heard at clubs and is probably the most commercially accessible, featuring a subdued electro house sound accompanied by catch vocals. “3D Romeo” is the closest track to Gemini’s work prior to Mercury EP, with vocals by Fabienne sung over building chords and bass line, having more of a groovy, dubstep feel to it.

The three new productions, however, showcase the versatility of Gemini. “Freedom” seems like the perfect track for a rave anthem, featuring a pulsating beats and an overall energetic groove that has with its fair share of laser sounds. “Losing My Way” is the shortest of the five tracks (maybe purposely given the title) with an almost ephemeral voice singing over a simple, downtempo beat. “Second Law” is the last track of the album and another track that highlights Gemini’s versatility. It ventures into the electro house realm, but once again, does not rely on the expected drop.

To support the release, Gemini has also been on a two week North American tour that culminates on Dec 1st at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York.

Buy on Beatport.

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