After last night’s show, where MiMOSA came and conquered the Bean, I don’t know how he will top his performance in the Big Apple’s Webster Hall tonight. The crowd piled in to Boston’s own Royale where high energy was in spirit and an eager audience awaited a great show. And boy did they get it.

Beams of yellow and red illuminated the audience, and a pyramid of graphics lit up the stage and left the crowd mesmerized. Hands rocked in the air, and a constant movement of dancing and grooving was all MiMOSA needed to get his mix on. He told ElektroDaily.com that his show, “always just depends on the energy of the crowd. It’s always different... how they react to it. It’s a symbiotic relationship for sure.”

He fed off the audience and they surely fed off him. MiMOSA maintained an eclectic and wild set. Switching between groovy trance beats and harder dub, there was a something for everyone to love. He was a puppet and the audience was left hanging on a string with each call out he did, each beat he mixed and each time his arms were raised in the air. Even when stopping to bang his head and groove to his own beat, the audience continued to scream and shout.

MiMOSA added, “I’m stoked that we have all the crazy production that we have with the pyramid LED to the lights to the sound. I’m super stoked with the team that came together for this, and the crowd responses have been great.”

He threw down in Boston, so let’s see what’s in store for tonight. Stay tuned to ElektroDaily.com for his Webster Hall show with opening act, M Machine.

Photographs by Michael Rivera