Everyday with elektro is a party and Major Lazer totally understands that. The music champ, Diplo, has been known to work with everyone from Die Antwoord to Usher. This time he got his hands on another Bonde do Role track that is on their second album, Tropicalbacanal, that he himself helped produce. This funk Carioca-influenced electropop group from Brazil released the "Deluxxxe" version of the album which includes three bonus tracks including a new English edition to their hit "Kilo," an unreleased "Ayo," and the Major Lazer remix of "Brazilian Boys" featuring Kingston, Jamaica vocalist Ce'Cile.

Bonde do Role is known for turning their Brazilian folk songs into dance tracks, and having Major Lazer's touch on this track turns it into the grooviest track this month. Keeping the tempo slow and the bass deep, Major Lazer remixes the original but keeps things exotic and hypnotic. You know that Major Lazer riddim that makes all the wallflowers roll their hips? That's the type of track this is. It's a party! We can never get enough, can you?