With atmospheric arrangements and driving house rhythms, Fort Romeau shares music filled with passion and sophistication that has attracted those aesthetically conscious electronic music enthusiasts. The versatility of his music shows by not only being subtle and beautiful but also having a club friendly feel when played in the proper setting. He offers an exceptional take on deep and refined house music that transports the listener to Fort Romeau's dream-like state of intricate arrangements. Finely tuning his craft over the years, immersed in sound, his production style has taken form. "Playing in those clubs definitely had an affect on how I approach composition and pacing," Fort Romeau states, "I want to allow things to breathe and develop gradually over longer track lengths, rather than cram everything into four or five minutes."

Hypnotic melodies and fluttering synths set the foundation for his refined style, which is what has attracted listeners to his music and has allowed him to expand his stylistic nature of production. Fort Romeau's long-awaited sophomore album, Insides, is set for release on March 31st on Ghostly.

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Insides LP Tracklist:

1. New Wave

2. Folle

3. All I Want

4. Insides

5. Not A Word

6. IKB

7. Lately

8. Cloche