Martin Danielle, now known by CLMD, is kicking off 2015 with a revitalized solo career. CLMD once stood for Carl Louis & Martin Danielle — Carl Louis being his former production partner. However, the abbreviation now stands for "Create Music Love & Dreams," which is a theme of his newest track with vocalist Jared Lee.

Martin admits to beginning this track while at a low point, faced with the decision of continuing his musical endeavors or to give them up completely. Instead, as the title implies, "Keep Dreaming" is a manifestation of the will to continue working towards his dream. "Essentially the track is about following your dreams and fighting for what you believe in," says Martin. "Nothing or no one can hold you down as long as you believe in yourself. Too many people give up on their dreams too early. This track is inspired by all the people who keep on dreaming and fighting for their dreams to come true."

You may remember Jared Lee from the Jeanux track "Turn Your World Around," which was released in May of 2014 on Big & Dirty Recordings (buy the track on Beatport). Now he's brought his soothing vocals to the bright, feel-good track from CLMD. Now, we have been presented with the music video for the uplifting single, which brings us to the warm summer days that those experiencing the cold can't wait for. Watch the video above, and purchase the single on iTunes via Ultra Music. Stay tuned for more to come from CLMD soon!

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