Where are you from? I'm from McDonough Ga 30 minutes south of Atlanta.

How did you get the name Mr650? I raced motocross for 9 years and the number on my bike was 650 so thats how it developed.

Tell us about your motocross days and how this influenced you into filming? I was racing every weekend, running 10 miles a week and in the gym 4 days a week. When that ended for me I had all this focus but no were to put it so I picked up a camera and put that focus into making videos.

Did you go to school to learn how to shoot and edit videos? I couldn't afford art school so I went to community college to get some kind of degree but dropped out because I couldn't pass English ll.

How would you describe your style? My videos are shaky... Crazy ... Fast pace. Controlled chaos.

Tell us about your relationship with nightlife photographer OhSnapKid and how he helped you get into this field? Ohsnapkid or Ryan Purcell leads nightlife photography and once I made my first video he wanted to put me under his wing making me ohsnaptv, being my first guidance to what mr650tv is today.

How did you meet Steve Aoki? Tell us about your relationship with Dim Mak. I met Steve at a show in Atlanta while I was filming and my friend passed me his email to show him the footage. I told him I fly free on delta airlines because I worked at the airline stacking bags and soon enough I was flying out with Steve across the country filming. I am the head of Multimedia at Dim Mak Records and have a tattoo on my arm of the brand.

How many views do your videos have to date? Which is your most successful video? Last years Holy Ship video I produced for Steve Aoki of his experience on board the ship. 1,248,368 views.

What other artists have you done videos for? Skrillex, 12th Planet, Le Castle Vania, Alvin Risk but I mean I've filmed everyone under the sun you name them I have filmed them.

What artist have you never filmed that you would like to? Lil Wayne or Nicky Minaj.

What are your plans for the rest of 2012? Two to three weeks out of every month I'm with Aoki traveling around the world. I have Australia and Asia this month.