Back in the early part of Summer 2013, Swedish duo Daleri released a scathing one minute mash-up on their Soundcloud page of all the current songs on Beatport that copied the drop to "Epic." Those 16 tracks, featuring such EDM royalty as Hardwell, W&W, and Dimitri Vegas, represent a low point in the scene, as each track blended perfectly into the next, making it indecipherable as to which track was which. The fact that those songs were hugely popular present a troubling scenario for producers: if audiences don't care that each song sounds the same, why should producers try new ideas?

Thankfully, New York electro house duo The Disco Fries don't subscribe to that theory. Gaining new fans with their monster collaboration with Tiesto, "iTrance," Nick Ditri and Danny Boselovic have released "Parachutes" (out on OneLove Records), a surefire banger that will be spun by both your local DJ and national acts for the foreseeable future.

At a running time of 3:41, it's all killer, no filler, with no unnecessary intro to skip past to get to the heart of the song. It also features a very cool breakbeat-style snare pattern to usher in the drop, instead of relying on the industry-standard 808 one shot. And once that drop hits, the listener is treated to an original driving baseline and synth pattern that will get even the most jaded raver to move their feet and put their hands in the air. Where other acts are fine with the status quo, The Disco Fries are positioning themselves as leaders instead of followers. Hopefully other producers will copy their ethos, instead of copying their sound.

Written by: Sean Pokress

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