Who is Codes? I'm a DJ/Producer from New York. I enjoy making music and turning parties out.

Where did the name Codes come from? My real name is Cody so Codes was just a nickname that I have always had.

Tell us about the Brooklyn music scene? The Brooklyn music scene is very diverse. I've been pretty spoiled show-wise. Last year in BK I saw Little Dragon, Faith No More and Todd Edwards, just to name a few. Fools Gold and Trouble & Bass are based there so I get to see those guys a lot. Then Darkroom holds down the dubstep events. There are a lot of great parties and shows that go on. You really cant get much better then Brooklyn.

Have you been involved with BEMF? Yes, BEMF keeps getting bigger and bigger every time they do it. Last year it was in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was two days long and they used six venues right next to each other. I played at the Cameo venue.

Who are your musical influences? Hmm… Jimi Hendrix, Armand Van Helden, Black Sabbath, House Of Pain, Craze, Dr. Dre, KTN, Julio Bashmore, High Contrast, Cajmere, 187 Lockdown… I could keep going on and on.

How would you describe your style of music? I try to just make what I like. I'm into all kinds of music so if you really listen you can hear a lot of different influences through out all of the music I make. As Codes, I started off doing mainly House but I have started to produce a bit more Moombahton and hip-hop too.

As far as my performance style goes, I stay true to the art of being a real DJ. I still use turntables and am all about keeping the crowd dancing. Whether there are five or 5,000 people there, I will be mixing, cutting or standing on the turntables with a mic in my hand keeping things interesting.

What made you want to produce? I DJ'ed for a good four or five years before I started to produce. I wanted to make music that I liked and could play at shows.

What was your first job? When I was 14 I worked at a bar sorting empty bottles and cleaning the place every Saturday and Sunday morning. I got like 20 bucks a week for doing that shit.

How did you get signed to Slow Roast Records? I sent music to Kill The Noise for years. Then when he heard "Dying" he sent it to Craze and the rest is history.

Most memorable moment as an artist to date? I would have to say playing at Pacha NYC with Treasure Fingers and David Guetta. It was one of my first times playing for that many people and at that kind of club. There was a line down the street before it was even open. I ended up playing for 3 hours because TF got stuck in traffic so I really got to go in. The best part was when I noticed a string dangling above the turntables and gave it a tug. It ended up being attached to a tractor trailer horn and the crowd went bonkers every time I pulled it.

What can fans expect from you at Anomaly on January 20th in NYC with Zeds Dead, Porter Robinson, AraabMUZIK, and Bass Jackers? I'll be playing a little bit of everything. Gonna be testing out some new 2012 bombs so definitely expect some exclusives.

What can we expect from you in 2012? Lots of new music and touring. Craze and I did this record called "Deeper" that I am very proud of. That will be the first single to come out on Slow Roast (everything has been EPs so far). We will be shooting a video for it with Scion A/V and MotionGraff very soon! Also I have a couple releases that should be out in a few months with Treasure Fingers. Keep an eye out for the 2012 Slow Roast tour in a city near you.

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