Queens New York native Mr.Vega has been a mainstay in hip-hop for the past 15 years. Successfully crossing over into EDM, Josh Vega has found even more success as the producer behind the infectious moombahton beats of Sazon Booya. Furthering his crusade to take over dance music, Vega is back with a new EP entitled “Trap For The First Time.” His crossover to trap is seamless, especially considering his past dalliances in hip-hop. Featuring 6 party starting tracks, Vega squashes any confusion as to what he is truly capable of as a producer. Stand out track “Twerk it” is a massive banger full of hypnotic loops and a progressive build up that leads to an earth shattering drop. Showing his finesse in all aspects of production, Vega also lays down his own vocals as his alter ego Jay Romance. The huge release out on Mad Decent certifies Mr.Vega’s place as the most well rounded DJ/producer in EDM.