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Most Influential musician/band growing up?

Led Zepplin was someone I listened to all the time and ACDC. I wanted to be a rock star.

What inspires you to chose the mix for the #somethingbig episodes?

We want fresh new tracks and also ones that relate to the artist of the week.

What do you guys look forward to the most in 2014?

I think touring the USA some more and also the release of some new music. We have some pretty exciting tracks about to drop so its going to be a good year.

And what can we expect from the Stafford Brothers?

More music, more good times and more alcohol…..

Whats the most (useful or favorite) piece of (equipment or gear) while playing a set?

The effect knob on the pioneer mixers. That gets a work over from us.

Favorite club/city to play? And Why?

Loving the Light in vegas, its definitely one of the most amazing clubs and also a great place to go party, but anymore than 3 days and you could die!

Blondes or Brunettes?


How has being a musician effected your lives?

We don’t really ever stay in one place, we are constantly on the road but we love it. Its not effected our lives, it is our lives

Any advice to upcoming DJ's and musicians?

Work hard play hard.

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