Rafael Ximenez born in Madrid and Mikio from Tokyo are the DJ Team PLASTIK FUNK.

Together the two DJs, who are now living in Duesseldorf, Germany, travel the world producing and playing their rhythmic funk influnced beats. The duo charged into the #elektrostudio to talk to us about their explosive track "Who", which wont go away and what they've been working on recently. Check out our conversation and listen to their awesome sets below:

-Talk to us about the MEGA TRACK "Who"

We did this track a while ago, like a lot of our tracks. It took like a year for it to take off. But a lot of the Djs started playing it everywhere. Avicii was one of the first ones to support it. We actually saw him at Ushuaia in Ibiza and thanked him for supporting it. That same day he played it right after us.

-What is next for you guys after who?

Well, we don't try to replicate Who because that's not a good way to work. We try to stick to our style and collaborate with different artists. Who has opened a lot of doors for us. We have done a lot of different tracks after Who; recently we did a similar style track which also took off on Beatport.

-So what do you think worked?

Well for Who, it is a track with out vocals, it is one that you play in between sets. A party starter track. We decided to keep Who as an original and not remix it. it's better to just leave we think.

-What is the live aspect of Plastik Funk?

We play back to back style.

-Like you're Battling?

Yes exactly. But we are DJs first before producers so we know how to read a crowd.
We were residents at clubs. That's how we actually met. We've played good parties, bad parties, weird parties so we know how to read the dance floor. We've done some stage diving here and there but because of the show, it was appropriate at that moment. You have to be in the party craziness to do a stage dive you know?

What can we expect in the future from Plastik Funk?

August, September, October, have been crazy, traveling like crazy. We are happy to be in NY though. but we are working on a lot of new music and touring, flying everywhere. We have some new tracks that we have tested and are ready to go. If we don't choose the track in our sets we won't release it; we make sure it is club ready. It is club music.

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