Favored by the likes of Tiesto and Laidback Luke, Daniel Amezquita, better known to his fans as Colombian producer Moska, is one DJ you should definitely keep an eye on. Having been influenced by the sounds of Michael Jackson and the Dirty Dutch, Moska has had the opportunity to play alongside some of EDM’s current heavyweights. But not only has he had the opportunity to DJ alongside David Guetta and Armin van Buuren, he has also been personally asked by Tiesto and Laidback Luke to remix their original singles “Las Vegas” and “Speak Up”. His talent and success as a producer/DJ is clearly exemplified through his plethora of contracts with several record labels, such as Musical Freedom, Mixmash Records, Mad Decent, Strictly Rhythm and Ultra Records. We recently had the opportunity to speak with the budding producer/DJ, check it out below.

Whats your favorite thing about playing in the United States as oppose to everywhere else?

I think the crowd is my favorite thing because you can feel a good vibe because of the environment. In colombia people go to the clubs but they do not enjoy the music the same way. In the United States the fans know more about the music, they feel the music, they know EDM and they respect the artists for that. All the cities are beautiful and the cities are big and the technology is great too so it is really cool for me to play here.

what does your friends and family back home think about your music?

They really respect me for what I am doing. In colombia I am doing things that not many people in colombia have done. So they are happy for me, they tell me to keep going. They are very proud of me and it is great to feel the support from them.

When did you start making music?

I started to make music about 6 years ago. I was watching TV and was watching an american channel and a video for Sensation white in Amsterdam came on TV. And then I started thinking about how cool it would be to be the DJ performing there playing music for all those people. So i started to explore and search for programs for production and I found FL Studio and started practicing. And it was my hobby and I didn't think of becoming a DJ but then in time my music reached DJs like laidback luke Tiesto and DIplo and they started to support me and now we are here, thanks to them and thanks to my team. I always say if you make things with passion you will get higher. I made music with my passion and thats what happened. I never thought I could become a DJ performing all over the world, so its really cool to be here.

How did you get linked up with Mad Decent?

First I got support for Laidback Luke when he listened to my tracks, and then Tiesto wanted to hear some of my music. After all this stuff Dillon Francis noticed my music and really liked it. He followed me on twitter and then linked me up with Mad Decent and Diplo. Then we made 3 EPs and now I have some tracks on Mad Decent which I am very happy about. There are two collaborations coming up this year with Major Lazer which I am really excited about.

How was it working with Major Lazer?

Its really cool because I made an idea like a Dutch track and I sent them the stems and they made a wild and crazy arrangement. You will hear it and I know you will like it. It's a really crazy track.

What are you looking forward to in the coming year?

I am really looking forward to tour the United States more. We are waiting to get the visa to be able to perform in every city we can and I want to tour the world and play in front of thousands of people with different crowds. And also a lot of music is coming from me, I am working on a lot of productions, collaborations, remixes and originals. I really like making bootlegs and thats how I got noticed so i think that is the best way for new artists to get noticed. So there are a lot of things to look forward to from me.

Who do you really like collaborating with at the moment?

I am making a collab with GTA and they are really cool. Tiesto is probably my favorite because he is really cool and funny and just great to work with. I remixed Calvin Harris with him and it was released on Club Life Vol. 3 so i think he is probably my favorite to collab with at the moment.

Party with? Hug? Collaborate with?

I have partied with Diplo so I wont say him, but next would be probably be Dillon Francis. A DJ i would like to hug.... Nervo, really beautiful girls. Also Krewella they are really beautiful girls too. I would like to collaborate with Axwell, he is a huge inspiration for me.

How do you want to influence the music scene in Colombia?

I think i am making a lot of things big for Colombians with all the collaborations i have done so i think a lot of producers behind me I am helping them to follow me and reach the top. In colombia DJs need a lot of help because people there only know of the mainstream and the local talent needs more exposure. I am trying to do stuff for the culture in Colombia to grow. I have that hope that Colombia will have a better EDM culture. For them it is hard to understand things they have never seen.

Favorite track and a track you are ashamed to admit you like?

At the moment there is a Kaskade remix for the Lana Del Rey track Young and Beautiful. And a track I am ashamed to like is the Bruno Mars single. hahaha. I really like it but eh it is not something i normally listen to.

You are young in your career, what is your goal for the future?

My big goal in the future is to have my own label and to play at the main stage of festivals. Just to spread my music around the world. And to bring more EDM to Colombia.

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